POWA- digital advertising charging station

What is POWA?

In the modern day and age, customer service is important to help your business stand out among competitors. The use of smartphones is prevalent these days and many businesses strive to stand out by incorporating Wi-Fi and USB chargers for their customers to use.

This is where POWA, our power bank advertising player comes into use. Combining an advertising player and a power bank, this tabletop display not only plays your business advertisements and promotions, it also allows customers to charge their mobile devices while at your establishment.

Businesses such as restaurants, hair salons and even nail salons will benefit greatly from this unique device, making them stand out among competitors.

Charge your smartphone at the table

Brand Tech SA POWA is a portable, table top charger with a 2-sided 7” digital LCD screen with integrated iPhone and Android cables plus two USB ports for customers to charge their smartphones and tablets.


The high definition screen supports multiple images shown in a slideshow format with built in motion detection for auto screen on/off.

The heavy duty Samsung battery means that it can fully charge 6-8 smartphones on one full charge, and, once flat Brand Tech SA POWA will be fully charged again in 4-5 hours.

Brand Tech SA POWA is the perfect solution for your customers smartphone charging needs, it increases dwell time, increases sales and allows you to stand out from your competitors.


Colour(s)               Black/White/Wood-grain

Dimensions           H          W         D

mm                        237       130        114

Weight                  850g

Power                    Multi Voltage 110-220v

Warranty               12 months

Security                 Security Lanyard Lock/ Anti theft                                           platform

• Dual-sided 3 color LED 7” x 3 1/2” backlight display
• 12V quickly re-charges in under 5 hours
• Huge Capacity 20800mah.
• Can charge 4 mobile devices at the same time.
• CE/FCC/RoHs and UL

Built-in 15” universal charging cables allow you to charge nearly all mobile devices, including Apple, Android, and Blackberry.

Supply charge to any customer or prospect, without having to worry about what type of phone they have..

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