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Brand Tech SA is a leading innovative technology solutions provider, with the sole mandate of making tomorrow's technology available today. We exclusively introduce cutting-edge technologies that have hit other parts of the world by storm to the South African market, with the intention of creating convenience in the daily lives of our clients who span across every industry.

One of our headline products is our POWA units that we have patented to give us exclusivity in Africa and the Middle East. This unit is a digital advertising charging station that provides an advertising platform and acts as a charging station simultaneously. This product is suitable for all locations that experience high dwell time.

Our flagship product is Gauzy which turns ordinary glass into superior smart glass As pioneers of material science and nanotechnology, Gauzy is the only company in the world currently working with both SPD and Liquid Crystal Technology, making us the market leader in the development and production of LCG® (Light Control Glass) products. Our carefully curated technology is bridging the gap between science and our every day lives as we pair our chemistry with static transparent materials. Every window, from cars to buildings, is redefined by Gauzy, supporting today’s, and the future’s, most cutting edge demands.

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