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Gone are the days where people run out of battery on their cellphone and are unable to text, call or share their location with a friend when away from home. POWA is a digital advertising platform and charging station all-in-one that is suitable for restaurants and bars to ensure that customers never run out of battery and that establishments can engage with their clientele in creative ways.



One of our headline products is our POWA units that we have patented to give us exclusivity in Africa and the Middle East. This unit is a digital advertising charging station that provides an advertising platform and acts as a charging station simultaneously. This product is suitable for restaurants, bars and has various applications in the events industry. 



Our clients range from some of the most luxurious restaurant chains to the most prestigious events in the country. POWA has been well received by ordinary South Africans wherever they have been fortunate to encounter our product. We do not discriminate, as long as your establishment is safe, has foot-traffic and cares about customers we are more than proud to partner with you.